Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LOCAL Honey for allergies

By: Jessica Robinson

LOCAL honey is the best for naturally combating those pesky allergies.  Did you know we have our own honey?  Lots of people buy it.  If you're not too close to Burlington, Connecticut you can pick up our honey at your local Price Chopper store or many other farm stands do carry it.
Our honey is RAW.  It's only heated up to about 100 degrees in order to be able to pour it.  If you are going to take honey for allergies, you DO NOT want to heat it in any way.  Which means you do not want to add it to anything warm, such as your hot cup of tea.  This will kill the natural properties and defeat the purpose of which you bought it for.  Either take a teaspoon or two per day, or drizzle it over something cold, such as cold cereal or yogurt.

 We now have UPC's.  Which means a lot more larger stores will be carrying our products.  This was one of our big advancements this year.  More to come this fall/winter when we introduce a bakery to the sugar house.  Working on steps for that right now!
Honey can be added to your homemade facials for some of the very best skin remedies.  It's natural properties make your skin young and full of life.

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